Снег на траве. С автографом Ю.Норштейна.

Снег на траве. С автографом Ю.Норштейна.


В 2-х книгах. М., Фонд Юрия Норштейна, Красный пароход, 2012, 624 с., цветные и черно-белые иллюстрации, мелованная бумага, большой формат, твердый футляр.

Юрий Норштейн – знаковое имя, сделавшее мировую славу российской мультипликации, олицетворяющее особую эпоху в истории отечественной анимации. Книга "Снег на траве" – об искусстве мультипликации, ее связи с общей культурой и ее историческом контексте с феноменом  искусства.



Snow  on  Grass

2 volume set.

The author-signed book copy.

Yuri Norstein Foundation, 2012, 624 pages, colored il., art paper, hardcover, large format. 978-5-88149-569-5. Language: Russian. 

The book Snow on Grass is composed of lectures about the art of animation, read at various times in the city of Moscow, at the lectures for upper-division screenwriters and directors, and in Tokyo, Japan at animation classes. The book contains a large amount of art used in the process of work, sketches that are connected to the movie and a detailed conversation about the classics of world art (Goya, Dali, Velasquez, the Little Dutch Masters, Michelangelo, Fedotov, Solomatkin and many others). This book is just an attempt to remove the collar from animation so that it ceases to be a lapdog of live-action movies or other no less important fields of art. This book is the desire to demonstrate and prove that animation is connected with the general culture and has a historical context with the phenomenon of art.

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